1. Introduction

With continued challenges facing global supply chains, many VTOL designers are changing their primary design and operational focus from passengers to freight while some OEMs are making separate investments in freight and parcel delivery variants. Either way, it is imperative to understand and consider how transformative logistics are impacting these OEMs and operators.

The Vertical Flight Society is working with LogistiWerx to develop an infomediary to assist all businesses with a vital interest in VTOL aircraft, emerging technologies, MRO, and operations. If you are interested in how the vertical flight community can participate in logistics and supply chain operations, please complete the following survey.
Also, please try to meet with colleagues that share the same interests at the upcoming VFS Forum 78 at the Fort Worth Convention Center on Wednesday May 11, Room 104, after lunch at 1:45-3:15 PM.
We look forward to working together to help make transformative VTOLs contribute to economies and realize a near-term ROI.