Windsor Terrace Safety Concerns

This survey is a first step in addressing the issue of traffic and street safety concerns in Windsor Terrace, with the hope that it will lead to needed changes on our streets and in our community. This simple six question survey will take only 5 minutes. The results of the survey will be presented at a public meeting, date and time TBA.

* 1. What is your primary mode of transportation?

* 2. Do you own an automobile?

* 3. How safe do you feel pedestrians are on the streets in Windsor Terrace?

* 4. Select the factors that contribute to pedestrian safety concerns:

* 5. List up to five (5) areas of priority concerns (1=Highest priority). Be as specific as possible by indicating the cross streets and the traffic concern:

* 6. Are you interested in becoming involved in a committee addressing Windsor Terrace street safety concerns?

* 7. Zip code