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Make HD2 and HD3 yours!

WCNY is reprograming two of its FM radio stations. WCNY's 91.3 classic station will NOT change, but WCNY wants to know what you would like to hear on the HD2 and HD3 stations!

News, sports, finance, business? Film talk, politics, music, podcasts? Kids, family, history? Science and technology? Health and wellness? Community matters? Something else?

WCNY’s Radio Remix 19-county engagement and feedback campaign seeks your ideas as it remixes, remakes, and creates new content on HD2 and HD3.

We've turned up the volume! We are all ears.

Plain and simple: Make these stations YOURS! This survey will be open until May 31. 

All submissions will be eligible to win a Sonos Play:1 speaker by entering your email address!

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* 1. What is the zip code of your residence?

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* 2. What is your age?

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* 3. Are you a WCNY Member?

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* 4. What content would you like to hear on the future HD2 and HD3 radio stations?

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* 5. If other, please explain.

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* 6. If you selected Music, what type of music do you prefer?

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* 7. What is your e-mail address?

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