1. Developing Advocates and Leaders for the Beef Industry

Developing advocates and leaders for the beef industry is the goal of the Collegiate Beef Advocacy Program (CBAP). Hosted by American National Cattlewomen, Inc. (ANCW), the advocacy program provides an outlet for collegiate men and women to use their unique strengths to connect with consumers and peers to promote beef.
The collegiate advocacy program matches the vision and purpose of ANCW by ensuring the selected students strengthen their leadership and communication skills, establish career networks and enhance their knowledge of the industry. This experience will assist participants in furthering their passion for beef advocacy by providing top notch training, access to educational resources, and unique experiences. Career networks will be established between the advocates and industry professionals to build lifelong connections, with the goal to bring our team success as the future of our beef industry. Through this program participants will be enabled to become an integral voice for the beef community.
Program Details
This program is designed to find the very best collegiate spokespersons and enable them to take their beef advocacy efforts to a national level. From the applicant pool, up to three students will be selected to serve on the Collegiate Beef Advocacy Program team, traveling the nation for one year to share the positive message about beef.
The CBAP Program Director manages the team with assistance from the ANCW Executive Committee.
Minimum Expectations for Collegiate Beef Advocacy Program Team Members
1. Participate in monthly virtual meetings with the Program Director and teammates.
 2. Work both independently and as a team to accomplish beef advocacy efforts throughout the year.
3. Attend all required travel events during the one-year term (minimum of three).
 4. Create and execute a beef promotion event on your college campus.
5. Manage CBAP social media platforms.
 6. Submit quarterly reports to the Program Director.
7. Serve as mentors for the next CBAP team.
The one-year term of the team will begin September 1, 2022 and culminate August 31, 2023. The Collegiate Beef Advocacy team is required to travel under the auspices of ANCW throughout the year. Appearances will be required at the annual Cattle Industry Convention, and other required CBAP engagements throughout the year. Time will also be devoted toward managing CBAP social media platforms. Team members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional, mature manner and represent ANCW and the beef industry positively. A team member can be removed at any time as determined necessary by the ANCW Executive Committee and the Program Director.
Additional Details for Finalists
1. Virtual interviews will be conducted with top applicants to evaluate oral communication skills and assess applicant’s abilities to communicate beef industry knowledge. These interviews will be conducted by August 15, 2022.
2. Finalists will be selected before September 1, 2022 and must return an obligation and media release form to accept their position.
3. Each team member will be presented with a $2,000.00 scholarship upon completion of their year of service.
The Program Director is available to answer any questions regarding the Collegiate Beef Advocacy Program. Please direct your inquiries to ancw.cbap@gmail.com.
Once the application is in progress, information cannot be saved to return and finish at a later date. You're encouraged to print the application, gather your information, then return to complete the application. 
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