Hello, and thank you for considering taking the time complete this survey!
Your answers are a valuable and important contribution to increasing our understanding of general and specific resilience levels in your community.
This survey is designed and fully funded by CSIRO.
It aims to assess the strengths and challenges of the Weddin community in dealing with adverse and disaster events.  This resilience assessment will inform plans and programs that enhance the strengths and address the challenges for a prosperous and resilient region.

Your participation will help provide a robust evidence that can help:
  - your community understand its strengths and vulnerability to droughts and other stresses and shocks to help with prioritising community initiatives
  - inform proposals for state and federal fundings, for example, the Drought Resilience Fund funded regional drought resilience plans and other resilience related project proposals
  - establish a baseline to assist with assessing outcomes and impacts of resilience-related initiatives, and
  - add value to the Drought Resilience Hub's recent assessments to establish the state of drought resilience in the region
We are interested in your views about how you and your household deal with “adverse and disaster events”. 
For the purpose of this survey, these events mean drought, substantial population decline, loss of services, floods, bushfire, human or animal disease outbreaks, financial crisis, major illness and/or death and other similar stresses or shocks.    
This survey will take you around 45 minutes to complete.
Your participation is completely voluntary.
If there are any questions you don’t wish to answer, please skip to the next question.
Your responses will be anonymous and confidential.
When responding to survey questions, please do not provide the personal information of any other individual unless you have obtained consent to do so.

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Please note:
Participation in this study will include answering questions about past and current experiences with adverse and disaster events.  Reflecting on these events could potentially be distressing.  Please consider this before proceeding with the survey.  Should you proceed and experience any concerns or distress you are free to omit answers to these question(s) or withdraw from the survey at any time.  

There are several services you can contact to help with any distress.   
Head to Health on 1800 596 211 for advice and connection to a local mental health service provider.  Head to Health are contactable Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5:00pm.

For urgent 24/7 support please contact:
Lifeline by phone 13 11 14 or text 0477 131 114 or online chat (
Beyond Blue on 1300 22 46 36
Mental Health Line on 1800 011 511

There are also some more local services that you could contact including the Men’s Shed (0425 760 596) and Wayne Symons Counselling Services in Cowra (0412 957 529).

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