Please take a moment to complete the Veteran Employer Champion Survey. Warrior Partnerships of Eastern Oklahoma (WPEO) is a program of Community Service Council that coordinates work for veterans in the Tulsa region. WPEO is partnered with Oklahoma Department of Veteran Affairs to build a program to recognize veteran friendly employers in the region and across the state. Thank you for your time!

* 1. Our company/organization currently has a program or practice of recruiting and hiring veterans for openings.

* 2. We actively engage our veteran population to provide programming and support through employee resource groups, onboarding program or buddy programs.

* 3. We support community programs or events for veterans.

* 4. Our company/organization provides veteran resources or supports for our veteran employees.

* 5. We have someone on our senior leadership team (executive sponsor) that leads our veteran strategies.

* 6. Our company/organization provides support for our Guard and Reserve employees.

* 7. My company/organization has a supplier program that encourages us to do business with veteran owned businesses.

* 8. Does your company have a veteran resource group or are they currently in the process of setting one up?

* 9. What resources or services do you need related to employing veterans or their spouses?

* 10. Please provide the following information for your company/organization:

* 11. Please provide contact information

* 12. Would you like to receive the Warrior Partnership of Eastern Oklahoma newsletter?

* 13. Would you like to learn more about Oklahoma Veteran Connections resource for connecting to veteran service organizations?