1. Introduction

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In keeping with our goal to continuously improve, we are asking for your candid feedback. A summary of results will be prepared so we can use the feedback to learn and develop action plans for improvement.

Would Touchstone, Morgan Crossing, Millstream and Sherwood Park teams please complete the short survey for your Assistant Manager and Manager individually. Assistant Managers are to complete survey as well for their Store Manager.

Lethbridge and Libations stores, please fill in the survey for your Store Manager.

Would all Store Managers, Assistant Store Managers, office personnel also fill one out for me. Of course, all staff are welcome to also comment if you have something to add!

Your individual responses will be confidential and we will review the trends only. That said, if there is something that requires action, complete discretion will be used in correcting it.

NOTE- Sections 10- 12 need only be filled out once on your Store Manager survey