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TYNDP assesses the gas infrastructure over the next 20 years: it provides the supply adequacy outlook, assesses the resilience of the gas system, identifies the infrastructure needs and assesses how projects submitted to the TYNDP mitigate these needs. It provides insight on the demand, supply and project information used to perform the assessment.

TYNDP is an ever-improving process that engages stakeholders throughout its development. 

We now consult on the TYNDP report, with two main objectives:
  • Get your feedback on TYNDP 2018, which together with ACER Opinion, will be used to publish the final version in July 2019
  • Consider what can be improved for the already started TYNDP 2020 process and the TYNDP 2020 deliverables
The consultation will be open from 18 February 2019 to 29 March 2019.

This consultation is composed of 23 questions covering the TYNDP 2018 reports and the corresponding annexes. Responses have to be provided on-line and to include the respondent name and company. However, for convenience when preparing your submission, the questionnaire is available in a Word document format at this link.

Transparency towards stakeholders is a key feature of TYNDP. ENTSOG will publish the aggregated outcome of this consultation and possibly the individual responses when indicated as disclosable.

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The TYNDP 2018 Executive Summary, TYNDP 2018 Reports and Annexes are available at this link.

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  • On 21 March 2019 ENTSOG will present TYNDP 2018 to stakeholders.
  • In July 2019, after collecting stakeholder feedback and receiving ACER Opinion, TYNDP 2018 will be published as final
  • TYNDP 2018 also constitutes a key element of the ongoing 4th PCI selection process