Personal Information

Bruns Eco Village would like to learn a little bit about you and your future household as a potential resident of the Bruns Eco Village. This information is confidential and will not be shared with any external party. All information collected will be used exclusively to inform the content we provide in the Village Development Program, as well as the potential costs and design of the Eco Village.

* 1. First Name:

* 2. Last Name:

* 3. Partners Name (if they are also completing a separate survey):

* 4. Age:

* 5. Email:

* 6. Phone Number

* 7. Address:

* 8. What is your interest in Bruns Eco Village?

* 9. What size is your current household?

* 11. What is your current living situation:

* 12. Which of the following best depicts the earnings for your household?

Housing / Village Design / Planning

These questions will help inform the housing needs of Bruns Eco Village. Cluster creation will be covered in the Village Development Program (VDP).

Your intended home in Bruns Eco Village

Homes in Bruns Eco Village will be rented long-term by residents. Smaller houses will cost less rent. The fewer cars that need a garage, and the less private space that is needed will again lead to a lesser rent.

Clusters will have common buildings with bedrooms for visiting guests and relatives.

As well as individual homes, Bruns Eco Village will also have attached homes in groups for smaller one and two bedroom households (a type of co-housing). This will allow small homes to be available at less rent.

* 13. Given the above what is your intended household size in bedrooms:

Gardens and Private Outdoor Spaces

Bruns Eco Village will have large and spacious areas of passive recreation throughout the entire village (including walking paths through habitat areas) as well as community gardens and recreational outdoor areas for adults and children.

* 14. Given the above, what is your intended private outdoor space needs:

Car Storage in Bruns Eco Village

Bruns Eco Village aims to reduce car needs and usage through various measures - by encouraging walking and cycling, providing community owned electric vehicles, organising car pooling, providing public transport and more. The on-site school and work spaces with high speed internet can further reduce car usage.

Car parking options being considered include normal car garaging at home and car garaging at edge of cluster.

* 15. Give the above, what are your likely household car needs:

* 16. Do you prefer:

* 17. If storage is available elsewhere in Bruns Eco Village for storage of caravans, market vans, boats etc, would you have a need for such storage?

Toilet types

Composting toilets save water and energy usage , have less wastewater to manage and also produce desirable soil conditioner.

* 18. Are you:

Finances / Alternative Ownership Model

Bruns Eco Village is establishing a unique alternative ownership and investor model that provides lifetime leases rather than traditional ownership. We would like your input on this model as a potential resident of Bruns Eco Village.

* 19. What is your main motivation for wanting to live in Bruns Eco Village?

  Very Important Important Neutral Not Important Least Important
Sense of community
To live more sustainably and lesson my environmental impact
The opportunities and innovation it will provide
A better environment for my children

* 20. Home ownership is important to many people for different reasons.
Please rate why you think home ownership is important.

  Very Important Important Netural Not Important Least Important
Security (a place to live for as long as you want)
Legacy (the ability to pass on/inheritance)
Financial (increase equity and value)
Freedom (exercise your lifestyle)
Identity (the ability to create personal attributes/values)
Registration Process / Governance / Village Development Program

The Bruns Eco Village is offering its second Village Development Program (VDP). Registration details will be shared upon completion of this survey. This workshop will provide many things, but most importantly it will educate and assist in the design of Bruns Eco Village and will be the basis upon which the intentional housing clusters and the greater community are formed. You will be required to take part in the VDP in order to be eligible to become a member and resident of Bruns EcoVillage. Please read the FAQ’s for more information.

Topics currently being considered for the VDP include:

- Creating community agreements and Bruns Eco Village's agreements
- Creating initial community and community glues
- Invisible structures – the social design of Bruns Eco Village and how it will work
- Conflict resolution
- Decision making
- Economic opportunities, social enterprise, alternative currencies and how Bruns Eco Village community works with current economic environment
- Land management, restoration and revegetation
- Permaculture, food production, orchards and other produce
- Renewable energy and transport in the village
- Housing and providing appropriate homes for all preferences and ages
- Water recycling, use and waste
- Forming and choosing selected clusters
- Cluster design, vision and intention
- Vision and group dynamics of forming clusters
- Dwelling types and design
- Cluster environment and management
- Bruns Eco Village's vision and culture
- Bruns Eco Village's outreach and message

* 21. Considering the above topics, is there anything that you think is necessary for the Village Development Program that has not been included?

* 22. Are you part of a group of people who are seeking to live in Bruns Eco Village together?

* 23. Have you lived in an intentional community or eco-village before?

* 24. Have you completed any of the following courses (please tick):

* 25. Are you available for the second Village Development Program workshop on 5th -11th February in Coorabell, NSW?

* 26. If you can attend would you need childcare:


By proceeding and paying the registration fee I am aware that this fee covers my participation in the Village Development Program. I am also aware of the following:
  • The registration fee allows me to attend and participate in all activities planned for Bruns Eco Village including the Village Development Program.
  • I am required to complete the full VDP week to receive a Bruns Eco Village VDP certificate. This makes me eligible to apply to become a Bruns Eco Village resident.
  • It is my personal responsibility to attend the Village Development Program. Non-attendance may remove any eligibility to enter Bruns Eco Village as a resident.
  • Set agreements will be established in the Village Development Program by attendees. If I do not comply with these agreements I may be asked to leave the program.
  • By attending the VDP I am eligible to apply for the Bruns Eco Village Aspiring Residents Network, be considered for membership of Bruns Eco Village co-op and to enter into a lease arrangement for a dwelling within Bruns Eco Village.
  • The registration fee does not entitle me to membership or any lease arrangement with Bruns Eco Village.
  • The registration fee is not refundable unless decided by the Bruns Eco Village association.

Pet policy disclaimer

We are currently considering a pet policy (concerning dogs and cats) for the Bruns Eco Village and hope to have an interim policy decision (made by current VDP participants) by the end of 2017. This will be reviewed when the land is sold to the co-operative.

We have formed a temporary Pet Policy Circle, the members of which have been elected for the following aim:
To decide an overall policy position for the Bruns Eco Village before November 31st 2017 regarding keeping dogs and cats on the property based on the three policy positions developed in the current VDP.

The three policy positions are:
  1. No Cats/Dogs
  2. No Cats/Dogs with transition
  3. Cats and Dogs allowed with Conditions
The people elected for the temporary circle were elected based on the following criteria:
  • The person is a participant of the VDP and attended the VDP residential workshop in June
  • The person is able to represent the policy position of the circle who elected them and is familiar with the reasons and impact of the policy position on BEV and not their personal position
  • The person is available to meet to decide the policy position of the Pet Policy Circle between September and November 2017
  • The person is happy to be facilitated by a facilitator in the Dynamic Governance method in coming to a pet policy decision

* 27. Have you fully read and understood all details of the above Disclaimer?

* 28. From what you know already, how ready are you to live in Bruns Eco Village?
(Please be aware that we expect to start building in early 2020)