Question Title

* 1. There are no right or wrong answers for the following questions. We want to know what YOU really believe. For each statement, check the circle below for the degree to which you argree or disagree.

Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
a. If you are ever going to be able to understand something, it will make sense to you the first time you hear it.
b. A course in study skills would probably be valuable.
c. The ability to learn is innate.
d. Successful students understand things quickly.
e. The most successful people have discovered how to improve their ability to learn.
f. Students have a lot of control over how much they can get out of a textbook.
g. Genius is 10% ability and 90% hard work.
h. Everyone needs to learn how to learn.
i. If a person can't understand something within a short amount of time, they should keep on trying.
j. Some people are born good learners; others are just stuck with limited ability.
k. The really smart students don't have to work hard to do well in school.
l. Working hard on a difficult problem for an extended period of time only pays off for really smart students.
m. An expert is someone who has a special gift in some area.
n. Learning is a slow process of building up knowledge.

Question Title

* 2. The following questions ask about your motivation and attitudes about learning. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers, just answer as accurately as possible. If you think a statement below is very true of you, check 7; if a statement is not at all true of you, check 1. If the statement is more or less true of you, check the number between 1 and 7 that best describes you.

  Not at All True of Me





Very True of Me
a. If I study in appropriate ways, then I will be able to learn the material in my courses.
b. It is my own fault if I don't learn the material in my courses.
c. If I try hard enough, then I will understand the material in my courses.
d. If I don't understand my course material, it is because I didn't try hard enough.
e. I'm certain I can understand the most difficult material presented in my courses.
f. I'm confident I can understand the basic concepts taught in my courses.
g. I'm confident I can understand the most complex material presented in my courses.
h. I'm certain I can master the skills being taught in my courses.