What do you need to move forward and master prospecting and follow up?

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Please take a moment to answer a few questions and help me better understand what you need to move forward. As you go through the survey please tell me what's on your mind. Feedback is always welcome. Don't worry the boxes expand!

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Cheryl Scoffield
The Follow Up Specialist
Kickstart Your Company

* 1. What type of business are you in?
(ie: Sales, Financial Services, Consultancy, etc)

* 2. What are your top 2 follow up challenges after first meeting someone while networking or at an event?

* 3. Which system do you currently use to track your business contacts?

Check all that apply

* 4. How well do you understand your clients?
Do you know their needs, goals, challenges, frustrations, etc...?

* 5. Do you have a valuable giveaway to offer people?
(A tool to help you follow up and continue the conversation.)

* 6. Do you have a clear step by step process to make following up easier?
A process that automatically guides EVERY prospects into your marketing & sales funnel where you can continue that 1st contact conversation to stay top of mind and position yourself as the expert they need to solve their problem.

If no, are you considering ways to develop and implement a consistent process?
If yes, what does you current system look like?

If you could improve one thing about your current process what would you improve?
The box will expand for your answer

* 7. Which of the following would help grow and improve your business?

Indicate all that apply

* 8. In what format do you prefer to learn? (Choose 5)

* 9. If you could have a private conversation with me about developing your follow up system to make prospecting and follow up easier, what questions would you ask?

What would you walk away knowing?

How can I help you move forward? What questions do you need answered?

Not enough room? Just email me - Cheryl@KickstartYourCompany.com