* 1. How were the selection of beer(s) on the BOTW Tour?

* 2. How was the 8 week time period for this promotion?

* 3. How was the email notification process during this promotion?

* 4. Did you enjoy the fact sheets that were produced for each weeks new destination?

* 5. Did you enjoy the BOTW Facebook post that we provided for each weeks destination?

* 6. Have you ever seen this type of promotion done at other liquor stores?

* 7. What beer(s) on the BOTW tour would you like us to stock in the future.

  Keep it! Maybe PASS!
Schneider Weisse Aventinus
Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout
Baltika #7
Žatec Bright Pilsner
Duchesse De Bourgogne
Xingu Black Beer
Coopers Original Pale Ale
Three Philosophers Belgian

* 8. How was your overall experience with the BOTW tour?

* 9. In a few words, please share with us what you liked / didn't like about the promotion or what if anything you feel could have been done differently.