Thanks for taking 5 minutes to help me decide if I should
release my highly controversial program on....

After I showed the rough draft to several colleagues in the NLP
and Persuasion world they asked me NOT to release this information.

After hearing those words over and over it made me rethink if
the world was ready for this or if I should keep the knowledge
just for my elite coaching club.

Over the last month I received several emails that made me rethink
my position. Now you can help me make sure I make right the decision.

All you need to do is answer the three short questions below.


P.S. I will be reading every submission and all information
will be kept highly confidential.

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* 1. What type of business are you in?

Question Title

* 2. If I had a magic wand and could make you many times more effective
with persuasion, what would that do for your life?

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* 3. What is your number one question about using persuasion
skills to get people to say yes to you?