1. Thank you for taking this ten question questionnaire

Ms. Barge's Science Classes
Walter Payton College Prep High School
Biology / Astronomy 

I am looking forward to having your child in class this year. Please help me to better understand him/her by answering these questions. I am interested in your perspective on your child's experience at Payton. If you feel I should know about something I didn't ask about, please feel free to include it. If more than one parent/guardian want to respond, just fill out this form twice. Thank you, Ms. Barge

* 1. Please provide the following information for parent/guardian.

* 2. Please list your email, home phone, cell phone and indicate what is the easiest, most dependable way to contact you.

* 3. Are you available to help with class related activities? Please check any that apply.

* 4. Some special qualities about my child are ...

* 5. Some things my child likes about school and doesn't like about school are ...

* 6. My child's strongest & weakest subjects are ...

* 7. My child is interested in ...

* 8. My child learns best when ...

* 9. What should be the course of action if your child struggles to learn at Payton? What can you tell me about your child that will help me teach him/her more effectively?

* 10. What are the feelings and expectations regarding grades (not just for your child, but the concept of grades in general in education) in your household?

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