THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the survey. The survey is now closed. Visit for survey results, available April 1.

Technorati produces an annual State of the Blogosphere, which we love. However, the information is not broken out by type of blogger and we would love to learn more about the State of Food Blogging. Foodista and Zephyr Adventures, organizers of the International Food Bloggers Conference, are conducting this survey to fill that niche. Please complete this form if you consider yourself a food blogger. In appreciation, we will send you a completed State of Food Bloging report with detailed results. Your answers will be kept entirely confidential and only used in aggregated form.

* 1. How would you classify yourself as a Food Blogger?

* 2. How long have you been blogging?

* 3. What has changed since you first started blogging? Please select all that apply.

* 4. How often do you update your blog?

* 5. For how many blogs do you write?

* 6. Why do you write a food blog? Please choose all that apply.

* 7. How do you measure the success of your blog? Please select all that apply.

* 8. Do you use Twitter as part of your food blog?

* 9. If yes, how many Twitter followers do you have?

* 10. Do you use Facebook with your blog?

* 11. If yes, how many Facebook "likes" or "fans" do you have?

* 12. How many unique visitors do you average per month? This data, like all the data, will only be used in aggregate.

* 13. Which of the following topics do you cover on your food blog? Please mark all that apply.

* 14. Do you make any money from your food blog? How much?

* 15. If you do make money from your food blog, how do you make it? Please rate each type of ad as to its effectiveness.

  Never Tried Tried But Didn't Work Somewhat Successful Very Successful
General Ad Servers (Google Adsense, etc)
Ad Networks (Foodbuzz, etc)
Direct Ad Sales to advertisers
Affiliate Programs (Amazon's affiliate program, etc)
Sponsored Posts or Product Reviews
Brand Promotion for Companies
Selling Book or E-Book
Paid writing for magazine, newspaper, or website
Consulting on Food or Social Media

* 16. Have you ever attended a food blogger conference? How many?

* 17. How important are each of the following factors in determining whether you will attend a food bloggers conference?

  Not important Somewhat important Extremely important
Works for my schedule
Within driving distance of my home
Fun location to visit
Cost of registration fee
Cost of travel including airfare and hotel
Outstanding speakers and content
Outstanding food
Wine or cocktails included
Accommodation for dietary restrictions
Goody bags or gift suites
Sponsor support
Others I know are attending
Conference is run by a community of which I am part (Foodista, FoodBuzz, BlogHer, etc)

* 18. Do you have any other comments or questions for us?

* 19. Where do you live?

* 20. If you live in the US, in which state do you live? Please provide the two letter postal code.

* 21. What is your gender?

* 22. What is Your Age?

* 23. What is Your Marital Status?

* 24. Are you a parent?

* 25. What is your employment status?

* 26. What is your professional background? Please select all that apply.

* 27. Please provide your name and (in the next questions) your blog name and email address so we can send you a copy of the report State of Food Blogging when it is ready.

* 28. What is your blog's name?

* 29. What is your blog's website address (URL)?

* 30. What is your email address?