1. No More Empty Pots: Initial Kitchen Survey - 2010

100% of survey complete.

INSTRUCTIONS: Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. The information you provide will be important in determining the need for and how we use a community commercial kitchen. This survey is designed for current producers/businesses as well as potential ones, so it is important that you answer as many questions as possible, even if you do not currently produce a product. After completion of this survey, please click 'Done'. Thank you for your participation.

* 1. Please indicate your affiliation and what you plan to prepare in the kitchen:

* 2. How often would you rent a shared commercial kitchen: number of hours per week? How much can you afford to pay to rent a kitchen per hour?

* 3. Do you currently:

  yes no
produce a processed food product?
work with a copacker for your production?
plan to introduce new products?
work with fresh ingredients?
work with minimally processed ingredients?
create products seasonally?
create products year-round?
have a license to create your product in Nebraska?
have a license to create your product in Iowa?
have a license to sell your product in Nebraska?
have a license to sell your product in Iowa?
have a business plan?
have a community distribution plan?
need cold storage for production/distribution?
need dry storage for production/distribution?
need climate controlled environment for production?

* 4. In the following space, please provide the following: the product(s) that you are currently producing, how long you have been producing it (them), the current production volume, the frequency of production (e.g. daily, weekly, etc.) and whether you intend to expand production.

* 5. If planning to introduce new products, please list the product(s) that you plan to produce, when you would like to begin production, and anticipated volume of production.

* 6. How is your product packed?

* 7. Is your product:

* 8. Please prioritize your service needs by choosing 'Essential' next to those items that are most important and 'Useful' next to those services that would be useful, but not essential to your business or potential business.

  Essential Services: must have Useful Services: nice to have
Financial assistance
Distribution help
Product pricing
Business Planning
Product development
Business insurance
Liability insurance
Market data
Business planning
Access to capital
Access to credit
Sourcing ingredients
Food production
Business expansion
Sales & forecasting
Managing employees
Hiring staff/labor
Sale of business

* 9. What type of equipment would you need to prepare your product?

  yes no
Standard range/oven
Meat slicer
Commercial mixer
Package heat sealer
Walk-in cooler
Food processor
Automatic Dishwasher
Stainless steel table
Steam kettle
Kitchen utensils
Convection oven
Transport containers
Conventional oven
Microwave oven

* 10. What are your concerns about renting a shared-use commercial kitchen? What opportunities do you see in renting a shared-use commercial kitchen?