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The application for Fall internships is August 28th@ 5:00 PM if you need to drop a course to make it happen
We will not be able to approve your application in time for the drop/add deadline after that point, though we can add your credits through September 15th.
You are highly advised to make an appointment with Nathan Bickett, POLI's student advisor, before deciding whether internship credits are right for you.
All interns receiving course credit MUST:
1.  Complete a time-log
2.  Complete a midterm memo
3.  Complete a final project-- you will design your personalized project with the guidance of your supervisor
4.  Complete a final portfolio
5.  Submit midterm and final evaluations from their supervisors
Failure to complete any of the above coursework by their due dates will result in a failing grade.
Questions about the internship program may be directed toward Dr. Reckendorf or Mr. Bickett using the following email address:  poliintern@vcu.edu