* 1. How do you feel about the following statements?

  Strongly disagree Disagree Neutral or no opinion Agree Strongly agree
New development in Greenwood is making it a better place to live
I'm worried that costs in Greenwood are getting out of control
New development and more apartments will slow down the increase in housing costs
Greenwood is avoiding the pretentiousness taking hold in some neighborhoods
I feel that Greenwood has a strong community feeling
Parking is becoming a big issue
If people have trouble finding parking they are less likely to drive
Greenwood has good access to active recreation, parks and community centers
Seattle is doing a good job listening to the community in Greenwood

* 2. How do you feel about these land use issues? (Select all that apply)

  I don't think this is happening Not interested Somewhat interested Very interested GCC should monitor this GCC should get involved in this
Many large new development projects are proposed in our neighborhood
Changes are proposed to allow more apartments to be added to houses
Many new apartment buildings will have very small units, like dorm rooms
Developers are tearing down houses to build million-dollar mega-mansions
No parking is required in new apartment buildings
Existing affordable buildings are being torn down for expensive new buildings
City government proposes to increase allowable apartment building heights by one story if developers agree not to challenge a proposed law requiring developers to provide some affordable units
New apartment developments include few (if any) family-sized units
Citywide zoning changes are being considered without local input or assessment of localized impacts

* 3. How do you feel about these transportation and sidewalk issues? (check all that apply)

  I don't think this is happening Not interested Somewhat interested Very interested GCC should monitor this GCC should get involved in this
Sidewalks are missing in many places north of 85th St.
The pavement needs repair on 3rd Ave. NW
Sidewalks are designed but not funded on the west side of Greenwood between 85th and Holman Rds.
Traffic moves too fast on side streets
Safe east/west walking/biking routes are needed to new schools and light rail on 92nd, 100th Streets
The bikeway on Fremont could connect to the Interurban Trail to Shoreline and Lynnwood
It's getting harder and harder to get across Aurora in a car or bus
Buses are too full during rush hour
Direct bus connections from Greenwood to Ballard, Fremont and Northgate are missing
Guests are telling me they can no longer find a place to park when they come to visit

* 4. How do you feel about these safety and health issues? (check all that apply)

  I don't think this is happening Not interested Somewhat interested Very interested GCC should monitor this GCC should get involved in this
Volunteers are needed to help the neighborhood be prepared for emergencies
Mental health, addiction and abuse is a growing problem,and not exclusively on Aurora
Homeless people need housing and shelters
There are hundreds of unauthorized encampments in Seattle
Greenwood needs to pay more attention to its homeless and victimized neighbors on Aurora Avenue
Children need safe routes to get to school
Volunteers are needed for block watch
Volunteers are needed for neighborhood cleanups
City services are needed to ensure the new encampment on Aurora will be healthy and safe for everyone

* 5. How can the Greenwood Community Council to get more neighbors involved in Greenwood?

  Not effective Might be effective Likely to be effective Strongly effective
Send mailings to every household with information about who to contact on important issues
Improve the website with more links, resources, and information about how to get involved
Have meetings in cafes or bars (instead of at the library)
Meet over meals at people's houses
Host book seminars
Use web surveys
Go door to door when there are important issues
Have volunteers staff tables at Greenwood events
Have volunteers attend social hour at churches and clubs

* 6. What would make Greenwood Community Council meetings better, or more interesting?

  This would make meetings worse No opinion Might help Yes, do this please
Change the meeting time (specify in comments)
Focus more on presentations and panels on interesting topics
More organized agenda published in advance
Let us talk with decision-makers such as developers and city officials
More social events to meet, get to know neighbors
Ensure action is taken on community feedback: get things done
Less frequent, but more prepared meetings
Continue the annual elections forum
Make sure everyone has a chance to talk and nobody dominates
Request donations to provide food and beverages

* 7. What three topics would you most want to hear about at GCC meetings in 2017?

* 8. What three issues would you most like to see the GCC address or advocate in 2017

* 9. Are you interested in getting involved in the Community Council to work on the interests you've discussed above?

* 10. What other comments would you like to provide?