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To continue on our collective mission to provide outstanding heart care to our patients, it is imperative that we identify best practices and evaluate lessons learned with efforts to better prepare for the coming months.

We are reaching out to identify areas for which COVID-19 resources are needed to best position your organization and help VCSQI members thrive in this time of flux.

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* 1. Contact Information

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* 2. What strategies/tools to best position your organization to defend against the residual effects of COVID19 are you most interested in?

Example: Screening tools to prioritize the "re-opening" of elective procedures

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* 3. What strategies or tools has YOUR ORGANIZATION implemented to combat the residual effects of COVID-19?

In collaboration with various healthcare leaders throughout Virginia, a potential study may be conducted evaluating the outcomes of postponed elective cases due to COVID19.   If you would be interested in participating in this survey, please check the box below.

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* 4. I am interested in participating in the VCSQI research project of elective cases that were postponed due to COVID-19.

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