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You recently participated in a the care of a patient that included the use of the Ethics Consultation Service (ECS) at Nebraska Medicine. The ECS would like you to complete a survey about your experience. All responses are anonymous, and the results will help to further improve the ECS. Click the button below to start the survey. Thank you for your participation!

  strongly disagree moderately disagree neither agree nor disagree/neutral moderately agree strongly agree not applicable to the situation
The Ethics Consultation Service (ECS) was accessible (it was easily available to those who are able to access it).
The ECS was timely (it was conducted in an appropriate amount of time according to the situation).
The ECS consultant's recommendations were consistent with medical standards relevant to the particular case.  
The ECS consultant was helpful (s/he meaningfully or positively contributed to the resolution of the ethics conflict).
The ECS consultant improved my understanding of the situation.  
The ECS consultation/consultant clarified the patient's goals of care.
I would or will recommend the Ethics Consultation Service to others.