We are offering the following training courses at REAL Training

A course for those investigating Christianity
1. Life Explored: A course to investigate Christianity - David S with Valerie 

Foundational courses for all Christians: 
Please note: courses should be completed consecutively
2. Sharing the Gospel: 2 Ways to Live - Jason with Jill

3. Loving God's Church - CSAC: 6 Steps to Loving your Church - Luke with Leanne

4. Strand 1: Reading the New Testament and Exegesis - Bryn with Kate AND David H with Yu

5. Old Testament Overview - Darren with Andy

6. Discipleship: Reading the Bible one on one - Dan with Vicky

Advanced courses for all Christians*
*All foundational courses must be completed before an advanced course can be chosen
7. Guidance: discerning God’s will for your life - Jonathan with Cassie

8. Workplace Evangelism: how to share the gospel with your colleagues - Greg with Emma

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* 2. In light of your above answer, which training course are you up to completing?(Please note: numbers are limited so you may be moved to another course)

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