Virginia College Application Week is part of Virginia's Three Steps to College: 1-2-3 Go! campaign designed to assist students and their families in 1) Preparing, 2) Applying and 3) Paying to Go! to college. And you just took Step 2! Please take the time to tell us about your experience. Your individual responsewill remain confidential. Thank you. 

* 1. Student Name (only used to track survey submission)

* 3. What is the highest level of education obtained by your mother, father or guardian? For example, if your mother has an Associate's degree and your father is a high school graduate, choose "Associate's degree (2-year college degree)."

* 4. Did Virginia College Application Week help you to: (select all that apply)

* 5. College Application Fee Waivers:

  Yes No N/A
Did you use one or more college application fee waivers? Select N/A if you were not eligible for a waiver. 
Did you know about fee waivers before College Application Week? Select N/A if you are not familiar with fee waivers. 
Did you apply to more colleges because fee waivers were available? Select N/A if you were not eligible or did not use a waiver.

* 6. How many applications did you submit during Virginia College Application Week (November 13 - 17, 2017)?

* 7. What type of school(s) did you choose to apply to (include applications that you still have to complete)? Select all that apply:

* 8. Please list up to five schools that you applied to (list your first choice first). Please provide the full name of the school(s) to the best of your knowledge. If you did not submit any applications, please type "N/A" in the first box.

* 9. When choosing colleges to apply to, what criteria was the most important?

* 10. Do you plan to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)?

* 11. Was Virginia College Application Week helpful in actively planning for your life after high school?

* 12. Should your school continue to host Virginia College Application Week for future classes?

* 13. Please note any suggestions for improving Virginia College Application Week. How can we make it better?

* 14. If you were to "post" about your experience during Virginia College Application Week. What would your hashtag and/or caption/message say? (140 characters or less)

We want the world to see Virginia students applying to college!
  • Use Twitter, tag @SCHEVnews and we will share your good news! Remember to tag your high school and colleges too. 
  • Add a frame to your FaceBook profile picture that says "I Applied". Just search for American College Application Campaign.
  • Use #123Go, #IappliedVA, #WhyApply hashtags.
Thank you for your participation in Virginia College Application Week 2017! We wish you the very best!