Virginia College Application Week is part of Virginia's Three Steps to College: 1-2-3 Go! campaign designed to assist students and their families in 1) Preparing, 2) Applying and 3) Paying to Go! to college. You just helped your students take Step 2! Please take the time to tell us about your experience. Answer all questions to the best of your ability and provide comments or clarification, as needed. Your responses will help demonstrate the impact of VCAW, help encourage institutions to continue to support the Week and improve future student college access events and resources in Virginia.

* 1. Please provide contact information:

* 3. How many students participated in Virginia College Application Week 2017?

* 4. How many college applications were submitted at your school during VCAW 2017? (Please remember that each student may have submitted more than one application).

* 5. How many students received offers of admittance through an on-site admissions opportunity during VCAW 2017? Type "N/A" if this service was not available.

* 6. If applicable, how much money was awarded in scholarships to your school's students during VCAW 2017? Please estimate if this figure has not yet been confirmed.

* 7. How helpful was Virginia College Application Week in promoting a college-going culture in your school?

  Not at all helpful Somewhat helpful Helpful Very helpful
Select one.

* 8. Would you participate in Virginia College Application Week again next year, if offered?

* 9. Please provide suggestions for improving VCAW, including additional resources that may support students and/or coordination of the event.