Charity Charms Contest!

Thanks for visiting this page. Answer any or all of the questions below and qualify for a great prize from Charity Charms ... $750 worth of lovely animal Charms, for your favorite nonprofit.

* 1. Why do you care about animals?

* 2. What's something people can do to make a difference for animals?

* 3. What's something you're committed to doing to help animals in need?

* 4. Feel free to add any comments, ideas or feedback below ... and we welcome knowing your name and organization if you care to share (and your email address if you'd like to receive occassional notices from us and we don't already email you).

Answers to questions 1 -3 will be compiled for our supporters to see and benefit from (unless you specify not to), but no names, contact information or organizations will be shown.

Thanks again for your participation and for all you do to help animals!