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* 1. When you arrived at United Hospital Center, were you greeted by a UHC associate and given directions to your destination?

  Yes, associates were helpful and provided directions I was greeted but didn't need assistance I was greeted but not assisted I had to ask for assistance
Please rate from the following choices.

* 2. Did you find the Greeters at the front door professional and welcoming?

  Extremely professional and welcoming Somewhat professional and welcoming Neither professional nor welcoming I was not greeted.
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* 3. Upon your recent visit to United Hospital Center, please consider the amount of time that you had to wait to register(where we obtain your personal and insurance information):

  1-5 minutes 5-10 minutes 10-15 minutes Over 15 minutes
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* 4. We appreciate your feedback. Were you satisfied that the Admissions Clerk was professional and courteous?

  Extremely satisfied, my clerk was a great representative for UHC Somewhat satisfied, my clerk was professional only Somewhat dissatisfied, my clerk lacked professionalism Dissatisfied, my clerk was a poor representative for UHC
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* 5. Were you asked to verify your personal demographic and insurance information so United Hospital Center ensures the most recent information is on file each time?

  My demographics and insurance information were updated My insurance was updated but not my demographics I was not asked to provide any information
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* 6. If you were having a Lab or Diagnostic test during your visit, were you given a time to alert the Admissions associate if you have waited too long between the registration process and your actual procedure?

  Yes, my Admissions Clerk provided a time to alert if not called I was told to alert the associates if not called, but not a time The wait time was not mentioned I don't remember N/A
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* 7. After registering, please rate that amount of time that you waited for your Diagnostic or Lab test to begin:

  1-5 mins 5-10 mins 10-15 mins Over 15 mins N/A
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* 8. Please rate your overall visit to United Hospital Center

  Extremely Pleased Pleased Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
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* 9. Please tell us the approximate time of day of your visit.

* 10. We would appreciate any comments you can provide to expand on your ratings above. Thank you