OMS PTA 2017/2018 Member Survey

We appreciate you filling out this 3-5 minute survey to help the OMS PTA improve services for the students, parents, staff and greater Olive community. As a member driven organization, it's important to hear from all of our PTA members. We want your honesty but ask that you are polite and considerate with your answers. We are ALL parent volunteers just trying our best to make a difference. Thank you! 

* 1. The PTA cares about your opinions. Historically the Earth Fair and Book Fair have been held on the same day. Do you feel we should continue this tradition next year?

* 2. Please tell us what grades your children are in this year.

* 3. Did you attend any PTA meetings this year? 

* 4. If yes, what made you attend? If no, what would make you attend in the future?

* 5. Which PTA programs/activities did your family participate in during this school year?

* 6. What would you change about any of the activities/programs listed above? Do you recommend discontinuing any listed? 

* 7. Communication: What is your preferred PTA communication tool?

* 8. Fundraising: what fundraisers did you participate in this year?

* 9. Do you plan on participating in the same fundraisers next year? Are there any fundraisers you would add or remove?

* 10. What can the PTA do next year to better serve your needs?