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* 1. The Event

JK presents to your pharmacy for his first refill of a new medication prescribed last month for a newly diagnosed medical condition.   The pharmacist and the technician noticed that the few remaining tablets in the patient’s returned vial were not the medication he should have received.  A quick check of the lot numbers on the patient’s profile confirmed these were the tablets dispensed.   Except for the small imprint number however, the tablets were nearly identical in appearance to the prescribed medication.  The pharmacist talked with the patient about his general medical condition.  There was no worsening of the condition being treated and the patient seemed satisfied with his overall care.  He was also pleased that the pharmacist took time to talk with him.  Importantly, the pharmacist knows that the patient has a concurrent anxiety disorder, is emotionally fragile, and has recently undergone the personal loss of a close family member. 

What would you do?

Your first action is to remove the remaining incorrect tablets and refill with the correct medication.  Which of the following additional actions would you take as the pharmacist?