Strategic Planning Priorities - Student Performance Measures

This survey is intended to the help the Meridian School District prioritize the various measures of student performance that are available which can be utilized in developing the next long range strategic plan.  Tracking performance data will help to identify successes and challenges as we work to continually improve student performance in our schools.

* 1. Please mark each student performance measure below to indicate your opinion regarding the importance the District should place on the measure when developing a new strategic plan:

High School Graduation Rate

* 2. Post-High School Enrollment (University, Community College, Trade School/Program)

* 3. College Entrance Scores (SAT, ACT etc.)

* 4. Percentage of Students Taking Remedial Courses in Math or English/Language Arts in College

* 5. Percentage of Students Taking Credit Retrieval Courses at MHS

* 6. Average Daily Attendance Rates At Each District School

* 7. Discipline (Suspension/Expulsion) Rates

* 8. Average Grade Point Average (GPA) of MHS Students

* 9. Participation Rates in Dual Credit Program While in High School (Running Start, Tech Prep, College-in-the-High School)

* 10. Participation Rates for Advanced Placement Courses and/or Highly Capable Program

* 11. 9th Grade Course Failure Rate

* 12. Percentage of Students Successfully Completing Advanced Math Courses Beyond Algebra II

* 13. Percentage of Students Enrolled in Career and Technical Education Courses 

* 14. Percentage of Students Participating in an extra-curricular sport or club activity at MHS

* 15. Achievement Rates on Smarter Balanced Assessments (Required State Testing) in Math and English/Language Arts at Grades 3-8 and 11

* 16. Percentage of Students Meeting State Standards in Reading By the End of 3rd Grade

* 17. Percentage of Students Meeting State Standards in Math By the End of 5th Grade

* 18. Percentage of Students Meeting Grade Level Standards in Math and English/Language Arts on MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) in grades 3-8

* 19. Other Student Performance Measures To Consider For Strategic Planning

* 20. Other Comments

* 21. I am a....