A request for Survey Responses and Submissions

Dear Colleague

The Ministry of Health (the Ministry) is seeking stakeholders views, to inform recommendations to the Minister of Health regarding the following:
· The Voluntary Bonding Scheme Review 2017 including the criteria used for listing workforce areas as hard-to-staff, and
· The hard-to-staff professions, specialties and communities to include in the 2018 Intake of the Scheme.

 Further information on the Review and the Scheme can be found at the following locations:

· Scope and focus of the Review
· Current hard-to-staff professions and communities
· Full Terms and Conditions for each profession

Completing the survey and making a submission

The survey is in 8 parts (see below) and will probably take 20-30 minutes to complete.

1.     Submitters contact details
2.     Hard-to-staff professions, scopes and specialties
3.     Hard-to-staff locations
4.     Workforce metrics
5.     Education initiatives to improve recruitment
6.     Professional and personal initiatives to improve recruitment and retention
7.     Financial initiatives to improve recruitment and retention
8.     Additional comments

The survey is profession/scope specific. If you want to make a submission on more than one profession/scope you will need to submit a separate survey for each. In our email to you, we have supplied 4 weblinks. Please use a different link for each profession/scope you wish to submit for. Provided you use the same computer and follow the same weblink, you can leave a survey part-way through and return to it later.

Please email Daniel_Bilson@moh.govt.nz if you wish to complete surveys for more than four professions/scopes, or if you have any technical difficulties.
Should you wish to provide a submission in addition to the survey responses, this can be uploaded at the end of the survey.

Please note: Currently listed professions, specialties or communities, and those proposed to be added by stakeholders in 2018, will be subject to rigorous analysis. The workforce metrics and information requested in the survey will inform that analysis. We are looking to see that the Schemes financial incentive is aligned with other initiatives that have been shown to improve recruitment and retention in hard-to-staff professions and locations.

It is recommended that you provide as much evidence as you can for your areas of workforce concern, even if that area is already listed as hard-to-staff within the Scheme.

If a question does not apply to your organisation, please answer ‘non-applicable’ and provide reasons if you wish.

Should you have any questions regarding completing this survey, do not hesitate to email us at Daniel_Bilson@moh.govt.nz. A pdf copy of your completed survey answers can be made available to you on request.

NOTE: This version of the survey differs slightly from one previously released. The changes relate to the wording of several workforce metric questions. Should you have any questions, please contact me at the email address above.

* 1. Your name, role and contact details

* 2. What type of organisation are you making a response on behalf of?

* 3. Please select the profession/scope you wish to make a submission about (You may only select one profession/scope, per survey). If you wish to submit a survey for more than one profession/scope, you must use one of the other survey weblinks provided in our email to you.

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