The money raised at this event will go to the American Cancer Society. This event is to continue our call to raise awareness of breast cancer throughout the target age group. The cost is $8.50 / person - this includes an hour and a half of bowling, shoe rental, a free bracelet and t-shirt for participation, soda and chips and salsa throughout the event, and covers the cost of any prizes given out at the event. The team captain must collect the money from their team and will be contacted about paying at a specific time before the event. A team of six members is required.

* 1. What is your team name?

* 2. Name of the team captain

* 3. Names of five other participants on team

* 4. Which time slot would your group prefer?
*note - we cannot promise that you will definitely get this time slot

* 5. Contact Email Address

* 6. Contact number