US attack on Syria?

* 1. Do you support Congress giving President Obama the authority to launch a “limited and focused” military operation in Syria?

* 2. Is there clear evidence that chemical weapons were used against civilians in Syria last month?

* 3. Is there clear evidence that it was the Syrian government that used chemical weapons against civilians last month?

* 4. What do you see as the top U.S. goal in Syria?

* 5. Do you think a limited bombing campaign would stay limited or lead to deeper U.S. involvement?

* 6. When President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, and the U.S. intelligence community say certain things are true in Syria as justification for military action, do you believe them?

* 7. When President Obama was asked Wednesday what he would do if he loses the Congressional vote he replied: "I always reserve the right and responsibility to act on behalf of America's national security."

Do you think Obama would still attack Syria if he loses the Congressional authorization vote?

* 8. If you are a US citizen, will you commit to letting your representatives in Congress know your opinion on this issue before next week?

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