Thank you for taking the time of complete the CNYCC Value Based Payment (VBP) Self-Assessment Capacity Tool Survey. You are receiving a link to complete this survey because your organization is a contracted partner of CNYCC and your information was provided to us as the DSRIP Coordinator and/or financial point-of-contact for your organization. If you feel you received this survey link in error, please contact CNYCC at

The Value Based Payment (VBP) Self-Assessment Capacity Tool (Assessment Tool) is designed to help providers assess their readiness to enter into risk-based, alternative payment model contracting. Specifically, the tool will focus on the following operational domains and identify key capabilities necessary for VBP arrangements:

1.      Governance and Staffing
2.      Risk Assumption
3.      Care Coordination and Care Management Programs
4.      Data Analytics
5.      Network Management
6.      Performance Monitoring
7.      Quality Improvement

The risk-based, alternative payment model considered by this Assessment Tool is a population-based payment model under which the provider organization, referred to herein as an Accountable Care Organization (ACO), contracts with a Medicaid Managed Care Organization (MMCO) on a population-based shared savings or shared risk arrangement. As a part of this type of arrangement, savings and losses will be determined by comparing actual costs of care on a per member per month (pmpm) budgeted amount.  Additionally, savings and losses are likely to be shared with the MMCO, at varying levels, depending on the ACO’s level of readiness.

Thank you again for participating in the VBP Self-Assessment Capacity Survey. If you have any questions pertaining to this survey, please contact us at