1. F-Keys - Microsoft Outlook Skill Questionaire

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Use the following form to gauge your skill/knowledge level. For each skill listed rate your familiarity and knowledge based on the Headings provided. This is NOT a test it will however provide F-Keys with an understanding of your training needs for Microsoft Outlook.

Please be aware that some topics and items may not be available in all application versions.

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* 3. Please select the most appropriate option of knowledge in response to each topic element.

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Use Outlook Shortcuts to access Outlook Resources
Use Outlook Today Shortcut
Use the Office Assistant
Use the Options in the Help Menu
Use Inbox to Send E-mail
Reply to E-mail
Read and Save Attachments
Use Address Book and Distribution Lists
Print and Save E-mail
Mark E-mail for Follow-Up
Insert Text and Files into E-mail
Create and Manage Contacts
Create and Manage Tasks
Use Calendar Shortcuts to Schedule Appointments
Use Categories to Organise Appointments
Create Multi-day and Annual Events
Use Calendar to Organise Meetings
Read Meeting Requests
Create and Manage Personal Folders
Use Organise Page to Arrange the Inbox
Create and Use Signatures to Mark E-mail
Use Voting Buttons to Collect Opinions
Customise the Outlook Bar
Customise the Toolbars and Menus
Find Messages by Using Advanced Find
Sort Messages
Filter Messages
Group Messages
Use Rules Wizard to Specify Rules for Messages
Use Out-of-Office Assistant
Create, Modify and Share Notes
Customise and View Notes
Activate, Manage and View Journal Entries
Use Calendar and Save a Calendar as a Web Page
Work with Contacts
Create and Use Forms and Templates
Integrate Outlook Components
Import & Export Data Between Outlook & Other Office Apps
Create and Use Public Folders
Share Inbox
Assign Tasks
Use the Archive Facility
Invite Attendees
Schedule Recurring Events & Tasks
Use Follow Up Flags and Reminders
Set Delayed Messaging

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* 4. It would assist us if you could possible provide a short description of your job role within the company and the sort of documents you produce?