1. F-Keys - Microsoft Access Skill Questionaire

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Use the following form to gauge your skill/knowledge level. For each skill listed rate your familiarity and knowledge based on the heading listed. This is NOT a test it will however provide F-Keys with an understanding of your training needs for Microsoft PowerPoint.

Please be aware that some topics listed may not be available in all versions of the application.

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Start Microsoft PowerPoint
Identify PowerPoint's Five Views
Open, Save and Close Presentations
Re-arrange and Delete Slides
Change Font Type, Size and Bullet Style
View the Ruler, Set Tabs and Align Text
Check Spelling, use AutoCorrect and Style Checker
Create, Move and Resize Objects
Add and Edit AutoShapes
Enhance a Presentation by using WordArt and ClipArt
Add a Table to a Slide and Enter Text
Create a Chart, Change Colours and Change Chart Type
Create and Organisational Chart and Add Levels
Apply a Design Template
Add Transition Effects and Timings to Slide Show
Print Presentations
Export Presentations to Other Formats
Save Presentations as Web Pages
Insert Hyperlinks into a Slide
Modify an Existing Template
Create a Custom Template from a Blank Presentation
Build a Custom Slide Master
Format ClipArt Objects
Rotate Objects
Add Sound and Movie Clips
Add Animation Effects and Scanned Images
Embed and Modify Excel Worksheets
Build Slides from Word Outline
Edit a Presentation in Word
Enhance Organisational Charts and Tables
Draw Tables in a Presentation
Add Action Buttons
Link a Presentation to Another File and to a Web Page
Set-up Slide Shows and Create Custom Slide Shows
Broadcast a Presentation on the Web
Use Microsoft NetMeeting to Broadcast a Presentation
Use Pack-and-Go Wizard
Customise a Existing Toolbars and Create a New Toolbar
Create and Run a Macro
SmartArt Graphics
Themes – Colours, Fonts & Effects
Inspect/Prepare Document
Manage & Customise Quick Access Tool Bar
Digital Signatures
Create Document Workspace

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* 4. It would assist us if you could possible provide a short description of your job role within the company and the sort of documents you produce or deal with on a daily basis?