Village of Beverly Hills, MI

The Parks & Recreation Board is working on completing an updated five-year plan for our community recreation system.  We are requesting that all Village households complete this survey to provide valuable input for the Board.  We are looking forward to further improving recreation in the Village.  Please complete this survey by December 31, 2017.

* 1. What street do you live on?

* 2. Please indicate the number of individuals living in your home according to age groups below

* 3. Have you or any member of your household visited any of the Village open areas?

* 4. Have you or any members of your household participated in any activities at Beverly Park?

* 5. How well do you think the following facilities meet the needs of our community?

  Meets Needs Somewhat Meets Needs Doesn't Meet Needs Don't Know/use
Baseball/Softball Field
Basketball Courts
Tennis/Pickleball Courts
Volleyball Courts
Picnic Facilities
Play Structure
Sled Hill
Ping Pong Table
Chess Table
Exercise Equipment
Storybook Trail
Disc Golf
Picnic Facilities
Chess Table
Nature Preserve
Nature Preserve

* 6. How would you rate the physical condition of each of the following open areas in the Village?

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Do Not Use
Beverly Park
Riverside Park
Douglas Evans Nature Preserve
Hidden Rivers Nature Preserve

* 7. Of the other recreational outlets available, do any of the following meet the needs of the community?

  Meets Needs Somewhat Meets Needs Doesn't Meet Needs Don't Know
Beverly Hills Club
Beverly Hills Athletic Club
Woodside Athletic Club
Next (Senior Center)
Pocket Parks
School Facilities

* 8. Overall are you satisfied with the recreational opportunities in Beverly Hills or have suggestions for improvements?

* 9. How much would your household be willing to pay annually to maintain and/or improve the parks and recreation facilities in Beverly Hills?

* 10. What is the best way to meet the financial obligations for the Village of Beverly Hills recreational needs?

* 11. Additional Comments