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* 1. How did you find out about Try Vegan Week 2009?

* 2. Please Rate the following events from Try Vegan Week 2009

  Beneficial Neutral Not Beneficial Did not Attend
1. Bike rally
2. Mentor meet up
3. Why Vegan? Veganize your habits
4. Vegan BBQ
5. Peaceable Kingdom
6. Vita brunch
7. Veganize your kitchen
8. Vegan Fitness
9. Disease Prevention
10. Fish and Seafood talk
11. Cookbook Tour
12. Waste of Dairy
13. Cooking without dairy
14. Raw Foods
15. Greens Class
16. Factory Farms and humane meat
17. The Environment
18. Potluck and Trivia Night
19. The truth about eggs
20. Bar crawl and late night food cart visit
21. Vegan Ice Cream Potluck (Colonel Sumners Park)
22. U Can't Touch This! Vegan Prom and Party

* 3. Two years ago we organized 33 events for Try Vegan Week, this year we only organized 22. What do you think is the ideal number of events during Try Vegan Week (Saturday-Saturday)?

* 4. Did the times of the events during Try Vegan Week work with your schedule?

* 5. What are the best times for you to attend events for Try Vegan Week?

  Anytime 9am-noon noon-4pm 4-7pm 7-9pm

* 6. What event (s) did you enjoy the most? the least?

* 7. Did you attend the U Can't Touch This! Vegan Prom and Party?

* 8. If you answered yes to the previous question, please comment on your experience.

If you answered no to the previous question, comment why you were unable or chose not to come.

* 9. Would you be interested in being on the committee for Try Vegan Week next year, either for planning and/ or promoting? If yes, please include name and contact info.

* 10. Do you have any event ideas (educational or social) for next year? How about comments or thoughts? If so, please list them here.