Student Wellness Survey Overview & Questions

Virginia Beach City Public Schools established the School Health Advisory Board (SHAB) in 1991. It was established for the purpose of advising the school division about the development and implementation of school health programs. The SHAB is comprised of parents, health professionals, and community representatives.

Please take a few moments to complete the 17 anonymous survey questions below. This survey will provide the SHAB with your viewpoint of student wellness issues, help us identify significant issues, and develop goals to address these issues. Thank you for your participation in this survey.

* 1. My child/children attend/s the following school level/s ? (Select all that apply.)

* 2. I am aware of the Virginia Beach City Public Schools Student Wellness Policy?

* 3. How would you like to receive student health & wellness information? (Select all that apply.)

* 4. My child's school creates a healthy environment for students?

* 5. I support school fund raisers that sell regular soda, and candy to provide additional funding for extracurricular student activities?

* 6. A school nurse improves student academic success?

* 7. I am aware of the Student Health Services link on the website ? (link provides required health forms, guidelines, and educational information.)

* 8. I am able to easily identify the school nurse, and location of the clinic when visitng my child's school?

* 9. Teachers should be a role model for students in regards to healthy food choices in school?

* 10. Healthy food choices by students can improve academic success?

* 11. Food celebrations should be allowed in classrooms during the school day?

* 12. Food rewards for academic work should be allowed during the school day?

* 13. Healthy food and beverage choices are available to my child in the school cafeteria?

* 14. I am aware of the cafeteria menu items and nurtition lists posted on the website?

* 15. Physical activity during the school day improves student academic success?

* 16. My child has adequate physical activitiy during the school day?

* 17. Schools have an important role in preventing childhood obesity?