Introducing you to the Eco-grant Top-up grant scheme.

The Eco-Grant Top-up is a supplementary grant scheme intended to promote ZGF cross-cutting issue of environment by promoting and rewarding demonstrated efforts by ZGF-supported organisations in implementing eco-friendly practices. Successful applicants shall receive a Vitalite Solar Lighting System for use in their organisation.  If you are receiving this email it means your organisation is eligible to apply.

This online application is intended to streamline the process of applying for the supplementary grant. There are twelve short questions that should take less than thirty minutes to complete, should you have all the information on hand. You can also access a PDF of these questions from the ZGF website by clicking this link.

Applications are assessed on the following criteria including the quality, relevance and sustainability of eco-friendly practices. The award is non-monetary and non-transferable. To read the full terms and conditions please click this link.

Please take a moment to complete this short application form. Visit our website to learn more about this initiative.
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