We're Starting An Online Station of "Anacortes Music" and more

Description of the Radio, Questionnaire for Interested Recording Artists

Hello, if you're reading this it's because you have the rights to original song recordings and you are connected with Anacortes, WA. Thank you for entertaining the thought of being involved with Anacortes Music Channel online radio; this is an exciting project to expose the myriad recordings and styles of "Anacortes music." Here is a description of the "station" and a few questions you will need to fill out if you want to give Anacortes Music Channel the right to play your recordings (which you should!  because the recordings themselves are a commercial to support your art).  By filling this form out and clicking "DONE" below, you agree to let Anacortes Music Channel use your songs in exchange for promoting the sale of your material (we do not pay royalties in this radio model; but we feel like it will be better, more profitable, for the songs to sell themselves and you as the artist will get some local exposure).

To start with we're going to cull out 2 - 4 songs from each Anacortes album we can get our hands on and get permission to play cuts from.  For those songs we will look for the "singles" that will place into the DAY TIME folder. We will also have a NIGHT TIME folder which will consist of all the tracks.  The songs within the DAY TIME folder will randomize from 8 am to 8 pm.  Then from 8 pm all night the songs from the NIGHT TIME folder shuffle.

How this radio works to make a commercial for the sale of the actual tunes(your tunes!) is that the website mirrors the radio playlist pointing to the actual place you sell that track  - or at least album - digitally and/or physically.    The song title, the album title and the artist name will appear with album cover art on the website when the station plays that tune.  The song title will link to where you sell that particular song, and so forth with the album text.  If you don't have it set up to sell songs separately, the hyper link of the song text will default to the link to purchase the album.   If no page is set up for the consumer to buy digital or physical copies of the music, please let us know so we can help you do something about that.

If you're interested in being a part of the Anacortes Music Channel content the following questions will help us to set up where people will find you and your music.

* 1. What name/s do you go by (what is the name of your music group)?

* 2. Please enter an email address we can reach you by.

* 3.  We will display a link to your website, please enter that url address here.

* 4. Is there a site where listeners may purchase your music?  List the album/s and link/s you want them to purchase from. ex. Karl Blau - "Zebra" http://klaps.bandcamp.com/zebra

* 5. Are you aware of other music that relates to Anacortes that you think we should have for this Anacortes Music Channel Online Radio?  If so, who?  what?  how do you suggest we get in touch with this artist?

Get in touch with us at anacortesmusicchannel@gmail.com for any questions/comments. Thank you!