1. Zaycon Foods Customer Survey - Ground Beef is Coming 2011

We are so glad to have you as one of our customers. Your feedback will enable us to continue to provide great products and great service. We would especially like your help as we determine which ground beef products to bring you in our January/February 2011 savings event. Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete this survey.

* 1. How was your experience picking up your product?

  Extremely efficient Pretty smooth Confusing and frustrating

* 2. When we offer ground beef, which product would you be most likely to purchase (Please note, content ratio determines price)?

* 3. Considering that the leanest meat doesn't always make the best hamburger patties, which product would you choose for making hamburger patties?

* 4. Which packaging size would you prefer for ground beef (Please note larger packaging means lower price, but we do plan for all prices to beat what you can find in warehouse and grocery stores)?

* 5. Would you consider purchasing more than one ground beef product (note our products will be sold by the case)?

* 6. At how many Zaycon Events have you purchased products?

* 7. Tell us how you felt about the ordering process on our new Zaycon Foods website.

  Frustrating Just OK Good Pretty great Fantastic

* 8. Tell us which products you'd like Zaycon to bring to your community:

* 9. Name

* 10. city