Welcome to our survey. We need your input.

The concession building at KP Park is old and no longer structurally sound, plus it encroaches on the boulevard. The Health Inspector will only permit its use a few times a year, so it's time for it to be replaced. Fortunately, a significant amount of government grant money is now available to be applied for to finance such projects.  The Columbia Basin Trust (CBT), Kootenay Savings and Teck Metals have already generously committed over $100,000 in funds to the project.  This combination of a grant and donations will eliminate the need to use tax payer funds.  However, to apply for grants, we need to shape our vision and for that we need your input about what you would like to see in a fabulous new park facility.

Currently the concession is used only in the summer for food sales on Canada Day weekend and occasionally for other special events as well as for storage of items such as softball equipment. This is your opportunity to assist with creating a multi-purpose structure that can be used year round by multiple users.  A significant amount of parking is available on the streets surrounding the park and, except on Canada Day weekend, a portion of the campground can easily accommodate additional cars. 

The following questions will provide us with input on what the community as a whole would envision this new facility.  Together we’ll create a multi-functional community asset that suits the needs of our many users, groups and functions. 

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