Dear Students,

We welcome your application to work as a student worker for the National Center for Interpretation.

Requirements will vary by position (so please see our website for details specific to the position for which you are applying). However, our minimum requirements do require you to be enrolled at the UA and are eligible for employment on the UA campus as well as have strong communication skills with an excellent GPA. Candidates who are bilingual are preferred due to the nature of the work that we do at NCI.

Once you have completed this online application, please deliver your Letter of Interest, a current resume/CV (if you like),and a copy of your current and next semester class schedules to the NCI Offices at:

Thank you! If you have any problems with this application, please email us at

1. Which NCI position are you applying for?

2. Please enter your local (Tucson) contact information.

3. What is your major?

4. What year are you in school?

5. How many UA credit hours are you enrolled in now?

6. How many UA credit hours will you be enrolled in next semester?

7. Are you a graduate student?

8. What is your immigration status in the USA?

9. Please indicate which semesters (time of year) you are able to work:

10. How many hours are you available to work per week?

11. Please list all times available to work at NCI (eg. times when you do not have class or other obligations):

12. Occasionally we have events on the weekends. Are you typically able to work:

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13. You know yourself best. Which of the below areas most closely match your own skills/talents:

14. How fluent are you? Below please indicate your language proficiencies. If you are proficient in other languages, please add them under "other."

  Fluent Advanced Intermediate Low Intermediate Beginner Not at all!

15. What experiences have you had that have prepared you for this position at NCI?

16. Why are you interested in the position?

17. Why should we hire you in particular over other candidates to work at NCI?

18. Have you ever worked before at the UA?

19. Please list three professional references (and their contact information) whom we could contact about your work performance.

20. If you were selected to work at NCI, how soon could you start?

21. If we were to hire you as a student worker, until when are you available?

22. Do you have any ideas for how NCI could expand or develop more (such as new training workshops, new services, etc.)?