1. Merrriconeag Waldorf School 2011 Bus Survey

This year there were 173 Households at Merriconeag sending 227 Students to school from 26 towns across Maine.
If every family drove to and from school for both drop off and pick up it would total 3,884 daily miles, using 173 daily gallons fuel and producing 3,349 daily pounds CO2.


To reduce both our emissions and time, while retaining our strong community, we are exploring the possibility of professional bus service to school each morning.

Please fill out the short survey below indicating your interest in this fee based service. Your response will determine whether we have enough support to contract with a transportation company for the 2011-12 school year.

Thank you!

* 1. Are you interested in professional bus transportation to the MWS Freeport campus arriving by 8:10am Monday-Friday?

* 2. How many children in your household would ride the bus?

* 3. Transportation would be divided into two routes: Bath-Freeport and Portland-Freeport.
Pick up would be at central locations such as park and rides or grocery store parking lots.
Please indicate your preferred town for pick up:

* 4. Do you know how much you spend on school transportation currently?
The 2011 IRS mileage rate for business mileage is 51 cents. So if you live 15 miles from school and drive both morning and afternoon the cost of operating your car for school transportation is 60 miles x 0.51 = $30.60 per day.

* 5. Quotes from 4 bus companies range from $140-$240 per bus per day. The cost per child goes down as ridership goes up.
I am willing to pay a maximum per child rate of:

* 6. Would you expect the rate to be based on distance traveled or a flat rate per child?
For example, a child getting on the bus in Portland would be charged more than a child getting on in south Freeport.

* 7. If you indicated an interest in the bus, please provide your name so that we can contact you this summer with the survey results and anticipated fees.

You will then have the chance to enroll in this service.