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Thanks for making time to share your views on this important issue.

Voluntary Assisted Dying and other end of life choices are extremely complex and deeply personal issues. That is why it is so important that we get this right and make sure that the people's comments and concerns are addressed.

While this is a conscience vote, its important to me that I reflect the views of our community. Which is why I'm inviting your views on this important issue.

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* 1. In principle, would you like to see voluntary assisted dying legalised in Queensland.

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* 2. The vote to legalise voluntary assisted dying will be a conscience vote. While I have a personal view on VAD, its also important to me that I represent our people. 

Would you like me to vote for voluntary assisted dying.

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* 3. Have you read the Queensland Law Reform Commission final report on Voluntary Assisted Dying, and/or the draft Bill?

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* 4. Are there any recommendations within the report you strongly agree or disagree with?

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* 5. Some people have shared their personal views and stories in relation to this important issue. If you have something additional to share on this I'd like to hear that.

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* 6. In order for me to consider your response, can you please confirm your name and address.

* this information is being collected only to ensure respondents do live within the Cooper electorate. Your personal details will not be provided to anyone outside of Jonty's office.

** further, your individual responses will not be identifiable or provided to any party. All responses will be kept as aggregate data only and will be destroyed on completion of the survey period.

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