ELARC – Vendor Advisory Committee Training Survey

SEEK Education is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing caring and effective services for the population with special needs.  In conjunction with the Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center, we are pleased to be a part of the training group of the Vendor Advisory Committee to better identify important issues and topics relevant to service providers and other stakeholders.  This survey page provides an accessible tool for your submissions with the goal of selecting ongoing training topics to inform our collective practice with the consumers.

Please take the time to complete this survey. We will compile the training topics for upcoming events based on the feedback we receive.

If you need technical assistance and/or have any questions regarding the survey, please contact Edgar Urbina at eurbina@seekeducation.org or 626-943-7772 ext. 110

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1. Contact Information:

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2. Select a topic that you would like more information/training on to help us understand the issue(s) important to you:

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3. Please enter all service codes that apply: (Please click here for service codes)

We appreciate the time you have taken to submit this survey and look forward to addressing the need(s) you have shared with us.

Thank you,
ELARC Vendor Advisory Committee
Training Group