* 1. What is your first name, surname and business trading name? For example: Jean Smith, JSTextiles.

* 2. What do you make and please can you very briefly describe your products & processes (if appropriate)?
For example: I make accessories such as bags and purses/wallets for women and men. The items are created from patterns designed by myself and made with recycled vintage fabric.

* 3. Please add a web link (or links if you wish) to a site where your products can be viewed and people can see item descriptions, costs and postage costs.
For example: http://www.etsy.com/shop/lucyfarfort or www.folksy.com/shops/lucyfarfort

* 4. If you make a range of items, please let me know if you wish to exclude any of your product range from the trade.
For example: if you design bags, wallets and purses and you only want to trade the bags - say 'I do not want to include my wallets and purses in the trade' etc.

* 5. What kinds of items would you be interested in trading for?
For example: I would like to trade my products for ceramics (mugs, vases, bowls), jewellery (silver, beaded), clothing, art, etc.

* 6. What is your email address for contact from a potential trade mate?
For example: lucyfarfort@yahoo.com