Parents - We need your Feedback to Succeed!

Our current funding for 21st Century Community Learning Center after school programs for elementary school, middle school and high school students ends this June. Your responses to this survey will help us to develop a strong program application and will support the need for continued program funding.

This survey is intended for parents/guardians of students who attend Coulwood Stem Academy, Hidden Valley Elementary School, West Charlotte Senior High School and Wallace Center.

* 1. My child/children currently attend:

* 2. What grade(s) is your child/children currently in?

* 3. If your child attends our after-school programs, how often does he/she attend?

* 4. Does Project CARES assist you child(ren) with daily homework?

* 5. Have you seen academic improvements with your child, as a result of, attending tutoring in Project CARES after school program?

* 6. What types of computer science activities does your child participate in at Project CARES?

* 7. What kinds of activities would you be interested in and/or willing to attend with your child?

  Yes, Definitely Very likely Not likely No, I would not attend
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math, projects that you can do with your child
Workshops on how to improve your child's academic performance
Workshops on how to prepare your child to become college and/or career ready
Family Fitness activities
Family Reading Activities

* 8. If we wanted to maximize the likelihood that families would attend these activities, when and where should these activities take place?

* 9. What would you suggest to improve the quality of Project CARES after school program?

* 10. Date Survey Completed