Higher Education Support for Deaf Students

Welcome to the EDSU’s Survey, higher education support for Deaf students!

Translated languages of the survey:

Albanian / Bulgarian / Catalan / Croatian / Czech / Danish / Dutch / Estonian / German / Greek / Finnish / French / Italian / Lithuanian / Portuguese / Russian / Slovak / Slovenian / Spanish / Swedish / Turkish

You may be wondering why we are doing this survey and why you should bother spending your time on completing our survey. 3 years ago, the EDSU launched a similar survey all over Europe, but it received few responses, and some countries got no respondents while other countries got loads!

So this time, we are relaunching this survey, and this time, we have the survey in English, IS, and 22 other languages! We would like to thank our deaf friends and supporters from all over Europe for taking the time to provide us with a translation in their own language. You can check the links to see if there is a translation in your written language. If you do not see the survey in your country’s language, we apologise and hope that you will be able to understand either English or International Sign.

This survey will collate information about the quality and quantity of various types of options available and given to you in your country of education. This is vital to the EDSU, as it will allow us to identify the differences between the countries, so we will know where to target our efforts, and where we should ask for information from or use for inspiration. In the end, we can create a visual map so you will be able to see where your country lies in the european ranking of higher education support for deaf students. If your country performs poorly, you can use it as evidence in campaigns, further empowering your NDSUs!

The EDSU thanks you for your support in completing the survey! Any problems or queries, just contact us at edsu.edsu@gmail.com.

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* 1. Your details

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* 2. Which type/s of support can you get?

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* 3. Which type/s of support do you use?

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* 4. How good is your support in terms of quality and quantity?

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* 5. If you have a problem, is the disability support system at your University good?

  There is no support! Bad Ok Good

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* 6. Are you, or do you know somebody who dropped out of University because of a lack of support?

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* 7. Do you know what the EDSU is?