Help us identify the Changemakers in our state, whether they are well-known or unsung heroes.

It has been a big year for change in Minnesota. It will be hard to narrow our nominations down to the 10 people and groups that we want to spotlight this year. Readers always help us make these decisions. Who should be honored in our 2020 Changemakers issue in December for work promoting greater equity, justice, or self-determination for women and girls? Deadline: September 15.

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* 1. Who are you nominating as a 2020 Changemaker, and why? IMPORTANT: Describe how has she/they promoted change in the state?

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* 2. How can we make contact with this potential Changemaker?

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* 3. We like to send a copy of the issue to anyone who nominated a winning Changemaker. Please offer your details as well.

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