K-14 Teacher Professional Development

What kind of Teacher Professional Development programs would you be interested in? (more than just a one- or two-day workshop)

* 1. Would you be interested in getting Educator Professional Development on any NASA topic (e.g. solar system, earth science, astronomy, aeronautics, or human exploration), either as Continuing Education Units (CEU's) or as actual college graduate credit (applicable to a degree?). (We'll distinguish between these in a later question). (choose N/A if you are not currently teaching, if you anticipate retiring soon, or if your teaching subject is not STEM related (e.g. English))

  Definitely not Probably not Possibly Yes Definitely yes N/A
Are you interested in Professional Development?

* 2. Which of these subjects would you be most interested in getting additional content training in? (Answer as many as you choose).

  Definitely not Probably not Possibly yes Definitely yes
Solar System (components, Kepler's laws, etc)
the Moon (phases, etc.)
Astronomy and Astronomy missions
Earth science (geology of the Earth and planets)
Earth science (Earth systems, climate, water cycle, etc).
the Sun and its effects on Earth
Aeronautics and Flight
Human Exploration
Electronics and Ham radio
Basic Physics (Mechanics, Magnetism)
Mathematics Examples from space science

* 3. We are considering offering a program where inservice teachers come to a central location for one week in the summer, expenses paid, and then participate in one or more classes during the academic year, one evening a week for three hours. These classes are set up such that you can participate remotely from your home, from your school, or from a local community college. You would get a modest stipend and either CEU's or 3 hours of academic credit each semester course that you completed. Does this sound like something that you would like to do, assuming that it might fit your schedule? There would be a range of possible courses, including Solar System, Astronomy, Earth Science, Solar Science, Electronics, Astrobiology, etc).